Auction For Nellie

During the Nellie Sheridan Wilson Auction, which benefits the erection of a statue in Somerset, Nellie, who was a “woman of letters” has an opportunity to be a woman of numbers.  If you love residing within Perry County and wish to make it a better place, please come and bid on some pieces at our auction.  A statue of a woman gracing the square is long over due.  Nellie, who was ahead of time, should definitely be the first as she was truly the embodiment of equality.  nellie auction

Nellie Sheridan At the Perry County Fair

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When you attend the Perry County Fair this week, please stop by the Perry County Historical and Cultural Arts Antique Building!  The PCHCAS will have many interesting items on display and for sale.

In addition, Nellie Sheridan will be making her debut at the fair after sixty plus years!  The Nellie Sheridan Statue Committee will be on hand to offer some of Nellie’s favorite things for sale :  a beautiful postage stamp dispenser/paper clip holder, pen and pencil holder, and Nellie’s own official logo tea trivet/pan trivet.  Of course, all of the items feature Nellie’s  own feminine silhouette and official logo.  These items are hand crafted by local artist, Dale Hague, and are made with Perry County clay!  You can literally take a piece of Perry County home with you 🙂  They make excellent gift items.  Gwen Young will also be on hand to sell and sign her book, Nellie Sheridan: A Woman Ahead of Her Time.  Purchase a signed copy and give one as a gift.  They are a treat for anyone who loves Perry County History.  Although Nellie was Postmistress of Somerset and the self-proclaimed niece of P.H. Sheridan, she was indeed a popular Perry County citizen and was well-known by everyone!  She was wonderful, quirky, and definitely had a mind of her own!  All proceeds from the Nellie Sheridan booth will benefit the Nellie Sheridan Statue Fund.  It is your chance to not only read history and take home a piece of Perry County, but it is your chance to help make history!  Please donate to this worthy cause.  How often do you really get to make a difference on a local level?

Happy 223rd Birthday to the Postal Service Act

Nellie is in good company…

From Behind the Pen

US Post Office Department, Post Office, Postal Service Act Image credit:

On February 20, 1792, George Washington signed into law the Postal Service Act, which established the department. Postmaster General John McLean was the first to call it the Post Office Department rather than just the “Post Office.” The organization received a boost in prestige when President Andrew Jackson invited his Postmaster General, William T. Barry, to sit as a member of the Cabinet in 1829. On July 26, 1775 however, Congress established the U.S. Post Office and named Benjamin Franklin as the first U.S. Postmaster General.

According to, William Goddard, a Patriot printer, frustrated that the royal postal service was unable to reliably deliver his Pennsylvania Chronicle to its readers or deliver critical news for the paper to Goddard, laid out a plan for a Constitutional Post before the Continental Congress on October 5, 1774. Congress waited to act on the plan until after the Battle…

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