Past Events

Nellie Sheridan Tea 1 17 2015 068 Gwen

Nellie Sheridan Day, a day in which an official proclamation was created by Somerset Mayor, Tom Johnson to celebrate the accomplishments and the community spirit of Nellie Sheridan Wilson.  This event was the first ever Nellie event and was the inspiration for the creation of a statue (see YouTube video on gallery page to view event in its entirety) March 2014

Nellie Sheridan Civil War lecture, part of the Phil Sheridan Civil War Lecture Series.  This lecture series is offered free each month to anyone and everyone who wishes to attend.  It is a Civil War Round Table(see Phil Sheridan Schedule page).  The event has been sponsored in part by the Perry County District Library and the Ohio Humanities Council as well as from private donations and support of the Perry County Historical and Cultural Arts Society. December 29 2014

Nellie Sheridan Tea.  This tea was the kickoff fundraising event to raise funds for Nellie’s statue. The event was created to create community awareness of Nellie’s accomplishments and to promote local history.  Participants enjoyed hors-d’oeuvres and a myriad of teas, were encouraged to wear period attire, and learn more about the Nellie Sheridan statue project. The cost for this event was $10.00 per person (see gallery page for photos of the tea).  January 17th 2015



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