The Babb House

The Babb House Today

“If you go back far enough in Perry County, everything is related,” seems to be the local mantra, but while compiling a comprehensive history of the Babb House, I was pleased to learn that the old adage has a bit of truth behind it.  It seems the Babb House, once belonged to Jane S. Johnson Wilson.  To refresh your memory, Jane Wilson, was the mother of T.C. Wilson, who married one Miss Nellie Frances Sheridan in 1913.  Jane owned the home while T.C. and Nellie were “ducking” (1905 slang for courting or dating).


deed 2 Jane Wilson’s Deed to Lot 51

1848 plat map nellieWhen Jane died in 1917,  at the young age of just 96, she was the oldest person in Somerset.  Jane outlived her son, T.C. Wilson, by four years.  Her daughter, Edith died later.  It was the custom of the day that a woman’s name only appear in the paper when she was getting married or at her death.




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