Thomas Wilson and the American Hotel of Somerset

american hotel

Thomas Charles Wilson, although a rather once prominent figure within Somerset,  resided within the American Hotel in Somerset in 1900.  It was just after his return from Harvard and prior to his mother, Jane S. Wilson’s purchase of the Babb House. During his stay at the hotel, he was courting Miss Nellie Sheridan and had been since 1898.  While the hotel may lack the panache and sophistication of big city establishments, it was quite nice.  It consisted of a parlor, bar, and dining room.  It was not a boarding house although its residents were referred to as “boarders” in the 1900 census.  The American Hotel was a proper hotel( now the bank drive through)

american ho

The Hotel’s proprietor, was one J. Funderberg  (later in 1913 A.R. Love) and the hotel was located on Main St. in Somerset.  J. Funderberg and family ran the establishment.  Those residing within the hotel are as follows: Lorie Stalter -25 year old servant,  Rose Blusenber –  21-year-old servant,  Lucy Harper – a 50-year-old  African-American servant(she would go on to run the Park Hotel in Bremen and then another in Athens),  I.S. Ramy – a 54-year-old male boarder,  R. Manly – a 26-year-old “seggar maker” (cigar?),  Lirie Hefly – a 27-year-old female tailoress, C.R. Fleck – a 23-year-old butcher,  O. Mechling –  26-year-old druggist, T.C. Wilson – 36-year-old merchant, G.C. Tarant –  41-year-old fitter, C.W. Reed – 44-year-old “family man,” D.C. Camp -48 year old salesman,  and Jacob Brooner -56 year old day laborer.


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