Nellie Timeline

This time-line is a work in progress.  There are many more dates to be added.


1869   Nellie is born to John L. Sheridan and Catherine Gallin in Perry County, Ohio.

1888 Phil Sheridan, Nellie’s favorite uncle and Civil War Union General  died

1888 Mary Sheridan, Nellie’s grandmother, died

1889   Nellie, Phil’s favorite niece becomes Somerset Postmistress

1898  Nellie begins courting T.C. Wilson

1898 John L. Sheridan, Nellie’s father, died

1905 Phil Sheridan statue erected in Somerset, Ohio.  At the time that it was erected, it was the only Civil War equestrian statue in Ohio.

1911 Catherine Sheridan, Nellie’s mother died

1913 Nellie married T.C. Wilson.  He died on their wedding night.

1944 Mary Sheridan, Nellie’s sister, died

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